The Challenges

1. Proprietary FLASH programmer processing

2. HAD2 kit profound modification

3. DoCDTM debug software adjustment & alteration

IP Solutions

DSPI bridge to APB, AHB, AXI bus, it is a fully configurable SPI master/slave device, which allows you to...

+ Master & Multi-master operations

+ 8 SPI slave select lines

+ System error detection


  •  High quality IP, ultimate DP80390 efficiency
  •   Enhanced IT700 chip
  •   Effective cooperation throughout new FLASH programmer verification
  •   Received excellent support from an experienced engineering team
  •   First pass silicon success
  •   Scalable solution for cost -sensitive designs achieved


Yitran Communication Ltd. provides low cost, innovative technology for superior performance and robustness. This is due to its DCSK (Differential Code Shift Keying) modulation technique, which provides extremely high communication reliability and Adaptive back-off algorithm. Thanks do these features, Yitran’s engineering team started to develop of one of its best known products, the IT700. This IC is a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Powerline Communication (PLC) that incor-porates extremely robust Physical Layer (PHY), high-performance Data Link Layer (DLL) and Network (Y-Net) protocol. But the core part wouldn’t be so effective without unique implementations invented in DCD-SEMI’s laboratories. They‘ve been based on comprehensive combination of several complex solutions based on DP80390, MDU32, UART1, DSPI, DI2CM, Timer2CC and proprietary FLASH. What differs them from other competitors? In one word – everything. As an example, only DP80390’s efficiency significantly surpasses other solutions: it offers 8MB linear code and data space, when other IP vendors can offer only 64kB of linear memory. DCD-SEMI masterminded ultimate highly integrated peripheral I2C, SPI, counters, UART and advanced arithmetic coprocessor. Basic difficulty was to compile proprietary FLASH circuit. DCD’s R&D department motto is: “impossible is nothing”, that’s why all difficulties were successfully fought down. But the final solution wouldn’t be possible without HAD2 kit profound modification and DoCDTM debug software adjustment & alteration. The DoCDTM provides some serviceable features, like a real-time and non-intrusive debug capability, enabling a pre-silicon validation and post-silicon, on chip software de-bugging. It also allows hardware breakpoints, trace, variables watch and multi C sources debugging. What’s important, the DoCDTM Debug Software can work as a hardware debugger, as well as a software simulator – some tasks can be validated at software simulation level and after this step, you can continue real-time debugging, by uploading code into silicon. These unique features, combined with profound and efficient cooperation between both engineering teams, enabled unique, time to market solution.

‘”We rely on DCD to give our customers the best service possible and they provide it with admirable consistency.”

Mr Shimon Solodkin
Software Group Manager, Yitran

More information about Yitran:

Yitran Communications Ltd.

DCD-SEMI is a leading Intellectual Property (IP) Core provider and System-on-Chip (SoC) design house. The company was founded in 1999 and and since the early beginnings has been considered an expert in IP Core architecture improvements. The innovativeness of DCD’s IP solutions has been confirmed by over 300 licenses sold to over 200 customers worldwide, such as: INTEL, SIEMENS, TOYOTA, OSRAM, GENERAL ELECTRIC, RAFAEL, SAGEM, GOODRICH and of course YITRAN.
Yitran Communications Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets highly robust, low cost PLC integrated circuits. Yitran is a leading provider of cutting edge communication technology for command and control applications including Energy Management, Automatic/Remote Meter Reading, Home/Building Automation, Switching and Lighting, HVAC Control, Street Light control and more.

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