The Challenges

1. Comprehensive technical support throughout the solution implementation process

2. Providing ultra-high speed, best quality and performance DP8051 IP Core

3. DoCDTM debugging system with real-time and non-intrusive debugging ability

IP Solutions

DCD debugger DoCD


Outstanding performance of innovative DCD’s  DP8051 and DoCDTM solution, combined with comprehensive technical support, delivered at each stage of the project implementation.


TAOS is an unquestionable leader in three technologies: Display Management, Proximity Detection and Color Management. The first one, is applicable in of light-centric, display-based devices, that include both ambient light sensing and proximity detection in a single-chip solution. The Proximity Detection (which senses the presence of an object within a specified distance from the sensor) is used in broad range of products, including computers, mobile phones and consumer electronics, where the display power consumption management is the main concern. The Color Management technology is implemented in TAOS sensors, which enable solutions for color discrimination, determination, and measurement. It is used in a wide variety of applications, such color feedback control in solid-state illumination and RGB backlight systems, color adjustment in printers, industrial process quality controls, portable medical diagnostic systems, as well as paper and product handling equipment. TAOS products are world-wide known for their ultimate efficiency and cost effectiveness. Designing such products, requires selecting providers whose solutions meet the highest standards – DCD is honored to be one of those suppliers. Using our fast and trustworthy DP8051 IP core with our proprietary DoCDTM is a perfect groundwork, to bring to life even the most demanding projects. We also know, that even best solutions need support, therefore our technical team is always there, to help and make the implementation as easy as possible.

“DCD has done  great job giving us support. Always a  quick response with the information we needed to move forward.”

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Incorporated (TAOS)

DCD-SEMI is a leading Intellectual Property (IP) Core provider and System-on-Chip (SoC) design house. Since 1999 it has been considered an expert in IP Cores architecture improvements. The innovativeness of DCD’s IP solutions has been confirmed by over 300 licenses sold to over 200 customers worldwide, including: INTEL, SIEMENS, TOYOTA, OSRAM and  TAOS – of course.

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Incorporated (TAOS) is based in Plano, Texas. Since 1998, the company is engaged in developing the light sensing solutions. Technologies implemented by TAOS incorporate system performance improvement and design-cycle time reduction, at an attractive system cost. The Company mission is “To Redefine Optoelectronic Solutions to Provide Cost and Performance Advantages by Creating and Managing Technology.”

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