The Challenges

1. Optimal solution for low-cost chip production

IP Solutions

DCD debugger DoCD


The dedicated combination of 8051 IP core, DUSB2 controller and DoCDTM debugging system, developed by DCD’s specialists, provided Syntronix with optimal solution for FULL SPEED/HIGH SPEED USB2.0, which combined with DSEI serializer, can be used for low-cost chip production.

Syntronix Corporation

Syntronix Corporation was founded in 2001 as a dedicated IC and system level development company. Since 2010, it has focused on designing, developing and trading in MCU and Wireless SoC products, which finally are used in Home Appliance, Power Management and Systems & Machine Control devices. In wireless product development, Syntronix develops and integrates Radio Frequency circuits, CPU and peripheral components on a single SoC. These products are widely adopted in PC, Game Console & Audio/ Visual Equipment.

The successful cooperation between Syntronix and DCD lasts for ten years now. During that time, our company has proved to be a trustworthy partner, always providing best solutions to meet Syntronix’s requirements. Right now, we are pleased to say, that we are eagerly anticipating the new product, in which – yet again – we had our contribution.

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