Can I evaluate any of your IP Cores before buying?


How can I evaluate your solutions?





What should I do to get the evaluation package?




DCD: Sure you can, every single IP that we offer can be tested before purchase.


DCD: We can provide the evaluation package in two ways:

  • in form of Netlist (for selected FPGA family) or HDL Source code compiled into ModelSim library format – the package is placed on the FTP server for you to download it
  • the test board preprogrammed with the evaluation version of the chosen IP. (Need more details about the board type and prices? – please send us your questions us using the following contact form)


DCD:  Simply contact us at and let us know which IP interests you. In order to prepare the package for you, we will need you to answer the following questions:

  • What FPGA family do you plan to use for evaluation?
  • Preferred CPU interface – 8,32-bit?
  • Design tools version
  • When is the evaluation planned to start?
  • Do you plan to stay with your final product in FPGA or will you later migrate to ASIC chip?
  • If you stay with FPGA, will the netlist be sufficient or will you require the source code?
  • What is the estimated timeframe for the final project?
  • Full legal name and address of your company

Also, If you plan to use QUARTUS for evaluation, we will need your Network Interface Card ID or GUARD-ID. To check it, open Quartus and Navigate to menu “Tools | License Setup”.