The D8254 is a programmable interval timer/counter, binary compatible with the 82C54 industry standard. Since DCD’s core value is innovation, this unique IP Core solves one of the most common problems in any micro-computer system: the generation of accurate time delays under software control. The D8254 can be used as:

  • Real time clock
  • Even counter
  • Digital one-shot
  • Programmable rate generator
  • Square wave generator
  • Binary rate multiplier
  • Complex waveform generator
  • Complex motor controller
  • Interrupt on terminal count

The D8254 includes fully automated test bench with complete set of tests, which allows easy package validation at each stage of SoC design flow. Our proprietary core is a technology independent design that can be implemented in a variety of process technologies.

Key features

  • Three independent 16-bit counters
  • Six programmable Counter modes
    • Interrupt on terminal count
    • Hardware retriggerable One-Shot
    • Rate Generator
    • Square wave mode
    • Software triggered strobe
    • Hardware triggered strobe
  • Binary or BCD counting
  • Status Read Back Command
  • Simple interface allows easy connection to microcontrollers
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Static design and no internal tri-states

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