The D6840 is a programmable timer module compatible with the 6840 industry standard. It was designed to be used in peripheral devices for D68xx processors. Moreover, our proprietary IP Core works perfectly as a separate module in applications where the 6840 timer features are useful. The D6840 has three separate 16-bit timers with individual control and common status registers. The timers may be used for square wave generation with duty cycle regulation. The signal may then be generated as a continuous wave or single-shot mode.
But this is not all – our unique module can be used for frequency or pulse width measurement and comparison. The D6840 has an interrupt which is used by the CPU in a controlling module. As all of our solutions, the D6840 is a technology independent design which can be implemented in a variety of process technologies.

Key features

  • Compatible with 6840 industry standard
  • Three separate timers
  • Two operation modes
    • Wave synthesis
    • Wave measurement
  • Two generation modes
    • Continuous
    • Single shot
  • Gating system for each clock input
  • Separate timer outputs
  • Prescaler mode for timer3 input clock
  • External clock or E clock used for timer decrement
  • Interrupt generation
  • Split bus for input and output data
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Static synchronous design and no internal tri-states

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