The CAN ALL IP Core stands as a comprehensive solution, covering the spectrum of automotive communication protocols, from established standards like CAN 2.0 to advanced protocols such as CAN FD, CAN FD Full, and the cutting-edge CAN XL technology.

The DCAN FD serves as a bridge to APB, AHB, and AXI buses, operating as a standalone controller for the Controller Area Network (CAN) in automotive and industrial applications. Designed in strict accordance with ISO 11898-1:2015, it seamlessly aligns with:

  • Bosch CAN 2.0B specification (2.0B Active)
  • CAN FD (flexible data-rate)
  • The latest CAN XL technology

This sophisticated controller features advanced error detection functions, enhancing communication reliability, and unique fault confinement mechanisms that ensure network-wide data consistency. Recognizing the crucial role of CAN in security and safety, DCD-SEMI has developed a state-of-the-art IP Core that upholds the highest quality standards.

Breaking free from conventional CAN limits, the enhanced protocol enables data transmission speeds surpassing 1 Mbit/s, with a payload (data field) extending up to an impressive 64 bytes. During single-node transmission, the bit rate can be increased without the need for node synchronization. The core boasts a straightforward CPU interface (configurable data width of 8/16/32 bits) with a small or big-endian addressing scheme. Hardware message filtering (32 filters) and a 128-byte receive FIFO ensure efficient back-to-back message reception, minimizing CPU load. The IP Core is provided as HDL source code, making it adaptable for use in FPGA and ASIC technologies.

The IP core, available in two versions – Basic and Safety-Enhanced, incorporates robust support for CAN XL. The Safety-Enhanced variant, developed as an ISO26262-10 Safety Element out of Context, can be enhanced with necessary safety mechanisms. It includes comprehensive safety documentation, meeting ISO26262 soft IP SEooC required work products. This documentation encompasses a detailed Failure Modes Effects and Detection Analysis (FMEDA) with step-by-step instructions, facilitating integration into the customer’s system and system-level safety analysis. Rigorous third-party audits validate all safety-related work products.

Highlighting impressive performance metrics, the CAN XL technology not only facilitates data transmission speeds beyond 1 Mbit/s but also supports payloads of up to 64 bytes. This ensures a significant leap in communication efficiency, making it an ideal choice for advanced automotive applications.

The safety analysis reaffirms the fulfillment of safety metrics, with both IPs achieving the Automotive Safety Integrity Level ASIL-B (Single Point Fault Metric SPFM > 90%, Latent Fault Metric LFM > 60%). DCD-SEMI delivers a complete FMEDA analysis with instructions, ensuring a seamless integration process and robust system-level safety analysis.

This ASIL-B ready design effortlessly integrates into Automotive Safety Systems at the ASIL-B level, showcasing compatibility with the latest CAN XL technology. Optionally, DCD-SEMI offers the flexibility to deliver higher ASIL level-ready IP. For additional information and insights into optional features, please contact our dedicated support team, ensuring your automotive communication capabilities are not only advanced but also future-proofed with the superior performance of CAN XL technology.

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Key features

Crafted in strict accordance with ISO 11898-1:2015, the CAN ALL IP Core stands as a pinnacle of automotive communication technology, seamlessly integrating CAN 2.0B, CAN FD, and the cutting-edge CAN XL frames. Here’s a closer look at the features that make this IP Core a technological powerhouse:

  • ISO 11898-1:2015 Compliance: The IP Core adheres rigorously to the ISO 11898-1:2015 standard, ensuring precision and reliability in automotive communication protocols.
  • CAN 2.0B and CAN FD Frame Support: Embracing the legacy of CAN 2.0B and the advancements of CAN FD, this IP Core caters to both classic and flexible data-rate frames, ensuring compatibility with diverse communication requirements.
  • Support for up to 64 Bytes Data Frames: With an extended payload capacity of up to 64 bytes, the IP Core accommodates larger data sets, facilitating more comprehensive and efficient communication.
  • Flexible Data Rates: Embrace versatile communication scenarios with flexible data rates, adapting to the dynamic needs of automotive and industrial applications.
  • CANopen FD Stack Support: The IP Core seamlessly integrates with the emotas CANopen FD stack, expanding its capabilities for advanced applications and system integration.
  • 8/16/32-Bit CPU Slave Interface: The IP Core offers a versatile CPU interface with configurable data widths (8/16/32 bits) and supports both small and big-endian addressing schemes.
  • Simple Interface for Easy CPU Connection: The straightforward CPU interface ensures easy integration with host processors, streamlining the overall system architecture.
  • Support for Standard and Extended Frames: Whether it’s the standard 11-bit identifier or the extended 29-bit identifier frames, the IP Core accommodates diverse frame formats for enhanced flexibility.
  • Data Rate up to 8 Mbps: Achieve high-speed data transmission with rates reaching up to 8 Mbps, ensuring swift and efficient communication in demanding automotive environments.
  • Hardware Message Filtering: Leverage sophisticated hardware message filtering with dual/single filter configurations, offering up to 32 filters for precise data stream management.
  • 128-Byte Receive FIFO and Transmit Buffer: Enhance efficiency with a substantial 128-byte receive FIFO and transmit buffer, ensuring seamless back-to-back message reception and transmission.
  • Overload Frame Generation on FIFO Overflow: Maintain system integrity with automatic overload frame generation, triggered in the event of FIFO overflow.
  • Normal & Listen Only Mode: Optimize performance with the flexibility of normal operation or the non-intrusive listen-only mode, allowing for comprehensive system diagnostics without active participation.

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