BYTOM, POLAND. JANUARY 19TH, 2021. DCD-SEMI, subsidiary company of Poland’s Digital Core Design (DCD), announces today the appointment of EBBM, Inc as their Americas, and Greece Manufacturers Representative. EBBM, Inc., with offices in Thessaloniki Greece, New York, NY and Santa Clara, CA will offer easy access for Americas and Greek companies to support and purchase high quality synthesizable cores from DCD-SEMI.

“Since 1999 DCD designed over 70 different IP Cores, that have been proven in more than 500 Million electronic devices globally. During our two decades of experience, we devoted our attention to simply designing innovative IP cores for ASIC, SoC, and FPGA designs.“ – explains Jacek Hanke, CEO of DCD-SEMI and DCD. “We mastered unique cryptographic and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) IP Cores resistant to quantum computing, fully scalable and royalty-free”.

DCD-SEMi has different strategic priorities from the parent company. In order to streamline our operations and unlock value as a SoC design house, it was necessary to spin off DCD-SEMI from DCD said Jacek Hanke, CEO of DCD-SEMI and DCD.

DCD-SEMI’s 100% safe cryptographic system called CryptOne is a universal solution which efficiently accelerates SHA2-256 hash function compliant with FIPS PUB 180-4 and natively supports the SHA2-256 HMAC, a cryptographic function defined in RFC 2104. “CryptOne is suitable for authenticity and data integrity verification in digital signature protocols said Alex Angelou, EBBM Inc. President, “compared to other competitive solutions, users of the CryptOne benefit from the context swapping feature, that is essential for the task preemption mechanism”.

“The proven DCD-SEMI DCAN FD configurable CAN Bus Controller with Flexible Data-Rate is a standalone device widely used in automotive and industrial applications that conform to Bosch CAN 2.0B specification (2.0B Active) and CAN FD (flexible data-rate)” said Avi Zakai, EBBM VP. Among DCD-SEMI products, engineers can find royalty-free IP’s such as the World’s Fastest 8051, and the new line of DF6808 an advanced, 8-bit, MCU IP Core with highly sophisticated, on-chip peripheral capabilities. Binary-compatible with the industry standard Motorola 68HC08 8-bit microcontroller. It can achieve a performance of 45 – 100 million instructions per second that is 3.2 times faster comparing to the original implementation


DCD-SEMI is a subsidiary company of Digital Core Design, a leading IP Core provider and System on Chip design house from Poland. The company was founded in 1999 and since its inception it focused on IP Core improvements. More than two decades of design work resulted in substantial experience and in over 70 different IP Cores that target automotive, Industry 4.0, IoT, consumer electronics, and almost every electronic aspect of the modern world. Among DCD’s solutions, one can find 100% safe cryptographic system, fully scalable & royalty-free 32-bit CPU, World’s Fastest 8051 CPU, and innovative CFD solutions.

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About EBBM Inc.

EBBM, Inc has been helping companies quickly articulate and manufacture their products and beat their competition to market for 17 years. EBBM’s One-Stop complete solution manufacturers line card, including DCD-SEMI (Cryptographic, CPU, Peripheral IP cores), Intel Technology Provider Products (NUC Workstations, PCs, CPU, SSD, MEMORY, FPGA), Mirabilis Design (Architecture EDA Tools for System, FPGA/ASIC, Board level design), and Eldaas (CM, FPGA, ASIC, MediaTek, Intel, Xilinx Design Services), is a perfect match to bring the competitive advantage to more companies.

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